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Global Plastics Industry Launches Marine Litter Action Plan

Plastics Industry representatives from across the world met in Dubai in November 2011 to create a global action plan for
solutions on marine litter. More than 100 projects have been identified for action in 2012 by 32 countries, in addition to the global activities supported by all signatories.

”This commitment from global Plastics Industry leaders is a great step forward,” says Douw Steyn, Director Sustainability,
Plastics|SA. ”The global plastics industry is determined to do its part and to play a constructive role in building new
partnerships to create solutions to marine litter,” he added.

The ‘Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter’ has been adopted by 54 plastics industry organisations. It outlines a six-point strategy for industry action, and advocates close cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders to shape solutions for the marine environment.

Amongst the activities the industry is implementing within the joint declaration is a partnership with The Joint Group of
Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP). GESAMP is an advisory body to the
United Nations system on the scientific aspects of marine environmental protection. Douw Steyn, Director Sustainability,
Plastics|SA represents Africa on the GAT – Global Action Team Steering Committee and Chairperson of the Communication Group.

The Declaration, announced at the 5 th International Marine Debris Conference in Honolulu, describes steps that the industries will take, and suggests approaches and platforms for global cooperation and future partnerships. Read more.

Some initiatives from SA’s plastics industry for 2012:
• Supports the annual Clean-up SA Week and International Coastal Clean-up which takes place in South Africa in
• The establishment of a Technical and Scientific Advisory Panel on Marine Litter for South Africa.
• The signing of a license agreement with SPI to establish Operation Clean Sweep – Zero Pellet Loss at factory level.
• Douw Steyn, GAT Africa representative will support a Plastics Europe delegation on a visit to UNEP (Nairobi,Kenya) in April to discuss marine litter.

More information on the activities of the Marine Litter Solutions Group and events in South Africa is available at:

www.marinelittersolutions.org | www.cleanup-sa.co.za.



On 16 February 2012, the Sustainability Council, under the leadership of John Kieser, Manager Sustainability, Plastics|SA, established a Technical (Awareness) and Scientific (Research) panel to investigate the problem of plastics debris in the coastal and marine environments of South Africa.

The panel consists of the following members:
John Kieser – Plastics SA (Technical and Scientific)
Douw Steyn - Plastics SA (Technical)
Prof. Peter Ryan – University of Cape Town (Scientific)
Prof. Colleen Moloney – University of Cape Town (Scientific)
Prof. Henk Bouwman – University of North West (Scientific)
Ted Knott – Wildlife Environmental Society of South Africa (Technical)
Michelle Wcisel - Dyer Island Conservation Trust (Technical)
Wilfred Chivell – Dyer Island Conservation Trust (Technical)