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KZN Mangroves receive facelift

The walkways at the Beachwood Mangroves in Durban were recently upgraded in honour of World Oceans Day. Find out who the supporters are.

World Oceans Day Celebration
Plastics|SA used the occasion of #WorldOceansDay to launch its new Operation Clean Sweep. Read more.

African Marine Waste Network Launched

The African Marine Waste Network was formed following an expressed need by the delegates who attended Plastics|SA’s 2nd African Marine Debris Summit in Cape Town last year, hosted in conjunction with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), the Department of Environmental Affairs and SANBI (SA National Biodiversity Institute).  Read more.

African Marine Debris Summit : 4 - 6 June 2015

As an active member of the Global Action Team on Solutions for Marine Litter, Plastics|SA focusses on marine litter and recycling. To read more about the Bi-annual African Marine Debris Summit click here

Read the Post Event Press Release.

The ‘Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter’ has been adopted by 54 plastics industry organisations. It outlines a six-point strategy for industry action, and advocates close cooperation with a broad range of stakeholders to shape solutions for the marine environment. Read more

Fishing Line Bins to the Rescue

Of all the items in the top ten list of items found on beaches, fishing line is the most problematic as most of the smaller animals found entangled, are trapped by mono filament line. The plastics industry, together with committed volunteers, are helping to solve the problem. Read more

Do Coastal Cleanups really work?

Every year a myriad of coastal cleanups are organised along our coastline and waterways. Is marine debris pollution really such a great problem? Do cleanups work? Do they have any educational value? What has 18 years of experience taught us?

For more details or to organise a workshop, contact John Kieser.

Birders clean up Robben Island

Supporters meet from time to time and depart to Robben Island to clean up the beaches in the sensitive African Penguin Breeding area. The waste is collected in plastic and transported by truck to a depot on the island for recycling on the mainland.

For info on future cleanups or to volunteer at future cleanups on Robben Island, contact John Kieser, Vernon Head or Anne Gray.

Ocean Conservancy Report released

Ocean Conservancy recently released Trash Travels: From Our Hands to the Sea, Around the Globe, and Through Time – the only global snapshot of the marine debris problem facing wildlife, economies and marine ecosystems. More...

Seal Entanglement - Kalk Bay Harbour cleanup

The Enviromark has teamed up with the Cape Town branch of the SPCA to address the issue of entanglement of seals within the Western Cape harbours and participates in various harbour cleanups on a monthly basis. If YOU would like to volunteer your services, contact Gareth Patterson: 083 326 1607 or e-mail inst3@spca.co.za

The Plastics 2020 Challenge

The plastics industry is more than aware of its responsibilities in a developing world. That’s why they are doing everything they can to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover products. But they can’t do it on their own. . More...

Operation Clean Sweep

Resin pellets can be unintentionally released into the environment, both during manufacturing and transport, and carried by surface run-off, stream, and river waters to the ocean. Plastic makers have developed an innovative program called “Operation Clean Sweep” to help keep these pellets where they belong. More...

Blue Flag Beaches

The Blue Flag has become a symbol of quality guaranteeing high standards of beach management for local inhabitants. Beaches can lose their Blue Flag status if they fail to comply with the strict requirements. South Africa was the first country outside Europe to receive Blue Flag accreditation for its beaches. More....

Marine & Coastal Educators Network (MCEN)

The MCEN is an informal network, the aim being to assist marine educators in their activities, facilitate collaboration between educators, to help co-ordinate national marine education initiatives and to identify future opportunities for marine education in South Africa. More...

To find out who to contact regarding cleanups in your area, visit our Contacts page.