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September 2014 is Clean-up SA Month
Let's clean-up & recycle!

15 - 21 September

Clean-up & Recycle Week

19 September

Recycling Day SA

20 September

Int Coastal Clean-up Day

Global Plastics Associations fight marine litter
Identifying Messy Manufacturers
Earbud manufacturers listen
Leaders from plastics organizations across the globe announced that there were approximately 185 projects planned, underway or completed as part of the Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter

Download the full progress report

Download the latest press release

  In the interest of reducing marine debris in the Southern Hemisphere, Plastics|SA has adopted the Source Reduction Plan - originally devised by the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. The aim of this is to help people find a way to stop the most prolific items found during beach/river clean ups that we know are coming from a local source.   After lengthy negotiations between John Kieser and the manufacturers, all Dove cotton wool bud variant labels will be amended to include an easy-to-understand pictorial guide to responsible disposal, along the lines of the attached artwork. We are sure that this will make a difference in helping prevent improper disposal and limiting pollution.

Flip Flop Friday

Des and the Dugongs in Mozambique
Fishing Line Bins
Plastics SA endorses the ‘Flop for Change’ brand, as they promote the recycling of plastics and create awareness of the importance of taking responsibility for a clean environment. Recycle your flip flops. Read more.
Des Pollock, ocean eco warrior, is currently kayaking the full length of the Mozambican coast (2500km) to raise awareness and gain support for conservation efforts to save the diminishing Dugong population and other endangered marine life. Read more

Fisherman along the Overberg Gansbaai shoreline, beaches on the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape Coast can now dispose of their fishing line in PVC pipe bins designed specifically for this purpose. Read more

Coastal Cleanup 2013 Reports
Argus Cycle Race
Plastics|SA Nampak Rigid Packaging Orange River Project
South Africans once again showed their commitment to the environment by participating in the 28th International Coastal Clean-up that took place at beaches around the country on 21 September 2013 read more. To view photos, click here.
Each year, a dedicated team of litter busters who are employed and trained by Plastics|SA, take charge of the post-event clean-up operations at the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour. Read more
Adventure junkie and Cape Town resident, Ray D. Chaplin riverboarded the length (2 300 kms) of the Orange River, South Africa’s longest river, from source to sea to raise awareness of South Africa’s water quality and the threat of water pollution. Read more
2013 Cleanup and Recycle Competition
Best Recycled Product 2013
The 2013 Cleanup and Recycle Competition was open to schools, communities and organisations. The 2013 winners were announced. Read more.
SAPRO represents the plastics recyclers in South Africa.  Their members re-process recyclable waste back into raw materials suitable to make other plastics products. Read more

For cleanup activities happening in your area, Check the Cleanup Diary

To find out who to contact regarding cleanups in your area, visit our Contacts page.