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Plastics|SA has initiated an annual RECYCLING DAY for South Africa. This day falls during Cleanup SA Week and aims to increase awareness by educating the community about the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling. Visit www.recyclingday-SA.co.za for details.

Plastics|SA’s strategic environmental intent is to enhance waste collection and recycling, with Industry’s involvement and at their cost. Effectively a form of ‘extended producer responsibility’.

Plastics|SA is committed to the sustainability of the environment,” says Douw Steyn, Director: Sustainability. “Our commitment is evident through our multi-faceted approach to the environment.”

Today Plastics|SA's Sustainability Council stands firmly behind a well-structured programme of education and awareness creation that is focused on the main cause of litter: irresponsible social attitudes of the majority of South African citizens.

For more information on the Sustainability Council's Environmental Initiatives contact Douw Steyn on Tel: +27 11 314 4021, Fax: 011-314-3765.