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How you can contribute to healthy river and coastal ecosystems

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle your rubbish
  • Adhere to water saving programmes in your area
  • Report water leaks (from broken taps or pipes) or sewer pipes to your local authority
  • Use rain water for domestic and garden purposes by catching and storing run-off
  • Use water from your household activities (cleaning of eating utensils or bathing) to water the garden
  • Plant a water-friendly indigenous garden and water your garden early in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation
  • Repair dripping taps; take care to shut them properly after use
  • Take a short shower rather than a bath
  • Support water saving practices at work
  • Discard waste (for example oil, paint, rubbish) in designated disposal facilities and not into sewers, storm water systems, streams, rivers, or dams
  • If you observe unlawful discharge of any waste by industry, report it to your local authority or to the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  • Participate in environmental programmes in your area
  • Spread the idea of conservation!

Friends of the Liesbeeck

The aim of the Friends of the Liesbeek is to create an awareness of the importance of the Liesbeek as a green corridor in an urban setting and to rehabilitate, enhance, and conserve it and its environs.